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Customer Comments

Take a look at a selection of positive feedback we received over our six-year journey.  It was always a great encouragement to know that you thought we were doing something right and valued our contribution  to the city.

“Amazingly, over the last few years, Urbis has looked outward, and through a series of temporary exhibitions that reflected and contributed to the urban experience that is everywhere around in Manchester, a vision emerged – one that was not so dissimilar to what I’d seen at the Hayward a bit earlier, the idea of an art gallery as a dynamic, fast-paced experience. The excitement of the iconic building, reflected in a throbbing, exciting interior.”

– Adrian Slatcher

“I have been a regular visitor to the Urbis over the last 6 years, recommending it to many friends – many from out-of-town – who in turn love it. We love the unique style of the gallery…”

– Paul Clarkin

 “This week I visited for the first time Urbis and was very impressed indeed. The Underground Manchester display and the Advertising display both been very good and unique. I am sending this Email not because I was impressed with the above but what shone out was the interaction of your staff from entering the building to leaving. I had conversations started by no less than four of your staff and I must say made my visit far more pleasurable than if they had been walking around looking miserable!”

– Martin Cleaver

 “I think the work you do is invaluable to our city.”

– Chloe Gathome

 “Urbis as it originally is, is a brilliant concept.  A very special art gallery that deals with all things modern, current and of the NOW and the CUTTING EDGE.  Dealing with modern technology and showcasing artist’s throughout the world as well as on the doorsteps of what Manchester has to currently offer.
From Manga to Vivienne Westwood via Punk.  From Goths to Emo skater boys this is the hub for various artist luminaries to meet up.  Manchester’s success is after the bombing of the Arndale Centre.  Turning itself into a true cafe society.  An amazing shopping experience and a place where you can visit amazing art galleries including Urbis.”

– Dave Trouton 

“Personally, I think Urbis has become a very, very important part of Manchester’s life, as a showcase for our past and our future it is invaluable! They have a great team of people who really believe in this city! The help you gave us doing the Hacienda exhibition proves that without you this city would be a much poorer place!”

– Peter Hook

“Growing up around Manchester has characterised my work – the juxtaposition of industrial and rural which is so characteristic of the area, has always been intrinsic to what I do. Philosophically it’s rewarding to be asked back to show the work in the city where its spirit belongs – and after all these years I’m intrigued to know what Manchester (Urbis) makes of it.”

– Peter Saville, Manchester’s Creative Director

A friend is up from London and wanted to see the new exhibitions on UK hip hop and the history of TV in the north-west currently on at Urbis, so all three of us went along…..I’d recommend each of them if you get the chance to go. In fact there are plenty of good reasons to visit Urbis anytime, including the beautiful building itself, the family-friendly cafe, and the fact that it is free, which you don’t have to be Scottish to approve of. After a controversial start to its existence back in 2002, Urbis  has now become one of the best things about Manchester.

– Richard Jones, Like Father like Daughter (Blog)

Urbis is an amazing place. Unlike other museums & galleries they put on exhibitions that the general public actually want to go…… Such a forward thinking, innovative place.

– Adam Hopwood

Urbis is a fantastic venue not only for the city of Manchester but England as a whole, it shows diversity and an interesting insight into different cultures and city’s throughout the world, it’s unique.

– Dalene Van Breda

I’ve been to business masterclasses, commercial art fairs, baby and toddler groups and just hung out in the cafe, all in URBIS, and all for FREE – I LOVE URBIS!!

– Claire Fuller

Urbis is for us AND the visitors to our glorious city. It’s diverse, controvertial at times, but most of all INTERESTING! Im sure im not alone in saying its a place I like visiting over and over; there’s always a surprise when you pop in when passing.

– Koala Kowalski (Facebook member)

An antidote to a lack of inspiration. Thank you 

– Anonymous customer comment

A truly impressive assembly of exhibitions. Never saw such a transparent display of interesting art and design. A big plus for Manchester.

– Anonymous customer comment

Thank you again to all your staff for delivering such a friendly, professional and helpful service to us

– Creative City Manager

Our kids always drag us into Urbis every weekend, they love it here

– Attender of family fun activity

Having visited the centre last week, I’d like to pass on my appreciation to the staff who helped make it a very enjoyable and interesting trip to the city.

– Kevin Morgan

Many thanks for giving us a wonderful visit to Urbis. The staff were bowled over by the place – so much for free! We will certainly visit again

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