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Family Fun

Urbis looked to entertain the whole family with its hands-on family programme. Visitors could attend Baby Boom! Urbis’ very own baby friendly social club amongst a range of workshops linked to the temporary exhibition programme. Past workshops have included Hip Hop T-Shirts, where visitors could be inspired by HomeGrown: The Story of UK Hip Hop and design their very own threads, and Animation Station where families were invited to create a stop motion animation, as part of the Manga! exhibition. Others have ranged from teaching youngsters how to look after their own patch of garden, to decorate their own plant pots and tea cups; what creatures to look out for during spring time;  to make their own customised Christmas gifts or get into a spooky get-up for Halloween.

Urbis is not only a place to learn and discover new cultures or artists, but also a place for the whole family to come and have fun. 

Gregoire Chabrol, Manchester

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