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Arrivals and Departures: New Art Perspectives of Hong Kong

18 January to 8 July 2007

Arrivals and Departures was the first major contemporary art exhibition on Hong Kong to take place in the UK, and marked the ten-year anniversary of the city’s ‘handover’ from Britain to China.

The exhibition looked at one of the world’s most diverse and exciting cities through 10 fascinating new commissions created by 5 British Chinese artists and 5 Hong Kong based artists, each presenting different perspectives of the city as a place both near and far, real and imagined. Exploring the collision of cultures and its effects on a rapidly changing city which is in continual flux with migration of its populations, the exhibition looked at the many layers which create contemporary Hong Kong from tourist imagery, urban myths, cityscapes and family histories.

 Featured Artists

  •  Mee-ping
  • Pak Sheung-chuen
  • Stella So
  • Tam Wai-ping
  • Gordon Cheung
  • Community Museum Project
  • Yuen Fong Ling
  • Kwong Lee
  • Anthony Key
  • Mayling To

Media Release

Arrivals & Departures.pdf – click here for Arrivals and Departures’ media release

Customer Comments

“Great exhibition full of colour and life”

“Urbis, so amazing all the different cultures and ways of life! Simply loved it”

“Totally loving the art and totally loving the world!”

-Anna & Becca


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