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Haçienda 25 The Exhibition: fac 491

19 July 2007 to 24 February 2008

 This exhibition invited visitors to step back 25 years in time to the halcyon days of the Madchester music era and revisit the Hacienda, the legendary nightclub that became an international phenomenon and changed the face of the city forever.

Visitors could walk through the world-famous Fac 51 doors to uncover some of the ideals and ideas behind its conception, as told by many of the creative minds that made it what it became and relive the experiences of Peter Saville, Peter Hook, Tony Wilson, Ben Kelly and Rob Gretton through their own stories and items from personal collections, including previously unseen video footage, items from the club itself (including the legendary Fac 51 doors) and the graphic design that was instrumental in shaping the club’s identity.

The exhibition also included the first ever showing of the complete collection of the Hacienda’s iconic birthday posters, posters from the iconic Flesh nights as well as original scratch videos by Claude Bessy and Swivel, plus video footage of Madonna’s performance there in 1984.

Finally, exhibition traced the impact the club had in shaping the economic and urban development of the city centre, into the unique and original Manchester we know and love today.

RIP Anthony Wilson,  Manchester Music Mogul, factory records founder and owner of the Hacienda (20/02/1950 – 10/8/07)

“It’s hard to think that a nightclub in Manchester could have such an impact in popular culture. As someone who saw it first hand (as a punter, then a dance music artist on Robs Records and brother to Bobby Langley) the exhibition is not only hold a special memories but should be a permanent reminder to the people of Manchester. Viva Hacienda!” Paul Langley

“Superb work. Just what the city needed, a nod to the hedonistic days of yesteryear. Bought a tear to my eye. Thanks for giving me the chance to catch up. RESPECT DUE!” Mark

“The hacienda exhibition brings the legend back to life. Brilliant!!” Bob Walton

As part of the exhibition Urbis ran a series of talks events and lectures including….


What was so good about The Hacienda then?

A lively discussion about the chequered history of Manchester’s most infamous club, featuring David Nolan, Leeroy Richardson, Dr Hillegonda Rietveld, Mike Pickering and audience interjections. Contains occasional profanity and mild name dropping.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

….More Urbis Hacienda events


Press Comments

“Two words: GO NOW.  It’s a superb exhibition, we’ve just been and it is simply stunning”

– Juicy Design

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