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How Manga Took Over the World

13 March to 27 September 2008

How Manga Took Over the World, explored the unique art-form of Manga, and the extent to which its cutesy, yet also violent and erotic graphics have taken over 21st century urban culture. 

The exhibition looked at how Manga has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives, from fashion to pop music, graphic design to communication, as well as looking at the cult status it has achieved.

 With something for everyone, from kids to adults; it offered a whistle-stop introduction to Manga for novices as well as plenty to keep hard-core fans immersed. Visitors could discover Cute Manga, Action Manga, Manga in Art, Fashion and Design, Manga as communication and Erotic Manga – our special over 18s section!

Media Release

How Manga Took Over The World.pdf – click here to download the media release

Customer Comments

“May I thank you and your staff for a really enjoyable visit to the Manga exhibition last Monday. The whole experience of a visit to your gallery was first class and will live long in the memories of our children. The space is bright, welcoming and impressive, the exhibition itself was vivid, interesting and accessible, the staff were falling over themselves to help us and to chat to us about the exhibition; I only had to catch an eye and the lift was being summoned by walkie-talkie! We have had a week of visiting as many museums and galleries in the area as we can and Urbis rated joint equal first with The Lowry when we conducted our class evaluation at the end of the week. Thanks again”

– David Whewell (teacher)

“Absolutely brilliant exhibition, really like it. I’ve loved Manga for a long time – to see it displayed in such a phenomenal way really blows me away! “

“Love it! Best manga showcase ever seen in the UK”



Press Comments

“This is a well-rounded, and at times, wonderfully eloquent, passionate and generous exhibition”

– Mike Leader, Wild Tyme

“This is a bold and attractive exhibition… a good example of how Urbis has broadened its horizons in the past few years, transforming itself from a millenium dome style embarrassment to a great Manchester icon”

– Victoria Holman, M.E.N

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