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Ill Communication II

30 July to 31 October 2004

Following on from a sensational premiere of Ill Communication in 2003, Urbis partnered with Urban Art Official to create the UK ’s largest ever exhibition of street art, featuring work created specifically for Urbis in the gallery space by some of the world’s most renowned graffiti artists.

Once relegated to the alleyways and dark corners of the city, street art was at this point beginning to break free of its bad rap. Though still reviled by local authorities up and down the country, this exhibition caused people to question whether the displayed work constituted street art or a criminal offence. Within the artistic community however it was fast becoming one of the most powerful elements of urban culture and one of the most vibrant forms of art, and also a dominant visual influence in design, advertising and fashion.

The exhibition featured ten international street artists, from New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Italy and Munich to create new work directly in the gallery space. Here audiences could see for themselves some of the finest practitioners of the genre, usually only found on the streets of cities around the world.

the artists

Dave Kinsey (Los Angeles)
Swoon (New York)
Fakso (Milan)
Os Gemeos (Sao Paulo)
Skwerm (New York)
Kami (Tokyo)
Sasu (Tokyo)
Loomit (Munich)
Influenza (Rotterdam)
Marok (Berlin)

Media Release

Ill Communication II format.pdf – click here to download I’ll Communication II’s media release

Customer Comments

“It’s great to see street artists recognised at last – it really is art”

“The exhibition was fantastic, certainly showed an in-depth look at the subject, and in a different light”

“A realistic cross section of artists under the ‘graffiti’ umbrella”

Press Comments

“Back bigger and better, the second coming of Ill Communication… whether you view street art as a valid form of art or not, there’s no denying the strength and variety of the images on display”

– City Life Manchester

“The scale is the first thing that hits you, bit it’s the depth, detail and originality in each individuals work that has the mot impact….the end result is an exhibition bursting with energy and visual riches”

– Richard Smirke, Metro


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