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20 January to 15 May 2005

SuperCity was visionary architect Will Alsop’s daring prophesy for the North of England – a future where the vast M62 corridor is a singular entity, a huge coast to coast ‘SuperCity’, 80 miles long and 15 miles wide.

Through large-scale architectural models, artists’ commissions, talks and workshops, Urbis’ exhibition encouraged visitors to explore it in all its glory, and find out how everything from transport and commuting, to food production and shopping and leisure could be different in a new future. Was it something to be desired, or should it fill us with dread. 

Either way, the exhibition invited customers to explore the facts, to debate and make up their own minds…. 

SuperCity Lightboxes

For the duration of the exhibition, nine images created by Will Alsop were displayed on the Metrolink platform at Manchester’s Piccadilly Station, encouraging commuters to engage with the SuperCity on their daily journeys. The images were representation of some of the key cities along the M62 corridor, each linked to Alsop’s vision of the future.

Customer Comments

“This is a brilliant exposition of vision, colour and fun in architecture and urbanism”

“Vacuous? Vain? Maybe, but at least someone is doing and expressing something other than obsessing over money, status and celebrity”

“Well done to Will Alsop for showing his ideas that too many people are too frightened to voice. May he come with more ingenious ideas like this one”

Media Release

SuperCity.pdf – click here to download SuperCity’s media release


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