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The Peter Saville Show

23 January to 18 April 2004

Manchester’s design legend returned home as Urbis hosted the first large-scale Peter Saville exhibition in the city which launched his legendary career. Saville, one of the most influential graphic designers of our time returned to Manchester with The Peter Saville Show, a retrospective of his life’s work.

Spanning three decades to present day, this landmark exhibition contained over 500 items documenting his inspirations and tracing his thought processes, from conception through to finished work.

At the time of the show, the designer stated;

“Philosophically, it’s rewarding to be asked back to show work in the city where its spirit belongs – and after all these years I’m intrigued to know what Manchester makes of it”

The answer came not long afterwards when Saville was appointed as Manchester’s very own Creative Director.

(In the meantime the marketing campaign didn’t last five minutes, as posters were torn down and taken as keep sakes in shops and take-aways throughout the city.)

Media Release

The Peter Saville Show.pdf – click here to download The Peter Saville Show’s media release

Customer Comments

“Absolutely brilliant, it’s great that something as good as this is here for everyone to see, and is part of Manchester’s identity”

“Truly wonderful. Makes me want to get straight back into the studio and get on with it”

“I’ve been waiting to see this for twenty years… I’m truly inspired – thank you”

– Suzanne Atkins

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