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[Videogame Nation is] one for the tech-head kids. Manchester’s magnificent Urbis provides the perfect arena for this attempt to afford British videogaming some proper cultural credibility without spoiling its street-level urban spark.

– Robert Clarke, The Guardian Guide

Ever been to a museum and felt like they don’t represent you or your heritage? This [HomeGrown, the Story of UK Hip Hop] is the total opposite….its the best hip hop exhibition I have ever seen…it’s brilliant,very coherent, informative, and captured some great moments of Hip-Hop history.

-DJ Semtex, BBC Radio 1xtra

Is this [Black Panther, Emory Douglas and Art of Revolution] the most explosive exhibition of recent years?  Urbis deserves praise for doing it…Urbis has delivered a stunning and information rich exhibition for Manchester and the UK, it feels almost revolutionary.  I can’t think of another UK museum that would have taken a chance on an exhibition like this.

– Felicty Hewood, Museums Journal

If one exhibition [Play] has struck at the heart of what Urbis is about then this is it, play offers a massively refreshing look at our planets cities by presenting them as gigantic, growling amusement parks. Photography, installation,  moving image and external events combine to convey play’s central philosophy with beautiful clarity.

– The Metro

Advertising is a highly creative enterprise. The nominees and winners of the annual D&AD Awards should be enough to remind you, tackling everything from TV ads to product design and viral campaigns…. Be brainwashed by the best [at D&AD 08, Urbis.]

– Esquire

Urbis delivers hot stuff from New York…in this broad ranging survey [State of the Art: New York] of current pratice…from painting to film to digital art.

– Art World

Taste makers and cool hunters take note [of the China Show]

– Steve Pill, the Metro

The [Hidden Manchester] show takes you on a tour of Manchester’s alternative highlights, from the Town Hall’s clock tower to the abandoned canal tunnels which served as bomb shelters during the war

– Lee Cheshire, The Month’s Best Exhibitions, Hotline Magazine

The [Punk – Sex, Seditionaries and the Sex Pistols] exhibition provides an in in-depth gawp at the journey of this influential and hyped genre; it is a must see for anyone who likes music.

– Gabby Guarino, Inaudible Magazine

What’s great about this exhibition [How Manga took over the World] is that its aimed as much at manga aficionados and Naturo obsessed tweenagers as curious novices who want to find out more.

– Electric Sheep Magazine

Initiatives are springing up all over the place such as the Urban Gardening exhibition at Manchester’s Urbis centre, which encourages city dwellers  to make  the most of gardening in small spaces.

– The Saturday Telegraph

The Hacienda may have meant different things to many different people, but it remains a cornerstone of Manchester’s cultural history. Hacienda 25 at Urbis until 17 February

-The Sunday Times

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