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RECLAIM is an award-winning leadership and mentoring project designed and delivered by Urbis. The project enables some of the most disadvantaged young people to engage directly with the decision makers influencing their lives and their communities. Promoting leadership and facilitating dialogue with the police, council and media, RECLAIM helps those who are often marginalised to realise their voice. Directed by the agenda of its young members, RECLAIM enables genuine youth engagement. 

Since its inception in October 2007, the RECLAIM team at Urbis has provided empowerment for young people in some of Greater Manchester’s most deprived and unjustly targeted communities, such as Moss Side and Gorton, working with the young males and females there and supporting them through the six month-long programme, in devising a convincing manifesto, developing self-esteem and proving their capabilities by rising to new challenges.    

RECLAIM takes place over six months with a cohort of young people nominated by their peers, schools, parents and Youth Offending Teams and are then partnered with an adult mentor who supports them throughout the programme. Each mentor has 2 mentees and will support them through the activities and challenges RECLAIM asks them to do, as well as through anything else they may need support with.

“Projects like RECLAIM are vital in developing young people’s sense of community, and opening up new opportunities to actively change the place they live for the better. RECLAIM is working with young people in the Moss Side and Longsight areas of Manchester in my constituency and making a real difference to their lives and aspirations”

– Arlene McCarthy MEP

“No one knew at the beginning of the four-day conference whether Reclaim was going to succeed and undoubtedly without the dedication of the learning team it wouldn’t have been the runaway success it has proven to be. I am truly inspired by the work that you and your team have done to make this initiative a success for the young men involved”

– Charles Crichlow, Chair Black & Asian GMP Police Association

“Massive massive thank you! The boys have just come back into school in their suits, I nearly cried when they all came walking towards me in the corridor. They are already walking and talking differently. Thank you so much. It’s made a huge difference to them, their self-esteem and their attitude to learning”

– Melanie Warhurst, Teacher, Stretford High School

Despite the closure of Urbis, RECLAIM still continues with its groundbreaking work

Urbis also ran a programme for schools, adult learners and the community

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